Unconsciously Burn More Calories at Work



Burn calories while watching television or eating dinner.


What is HOVR?

HOVR™ provides a unique way to move and exercise while sitting throughout the day

HOVR + Desk Mount
  • Unconscious Calorie Burning

    Mayo Clinic, pioneers of the NEAT™ concept, released an official study that confirms that HOVR use can increase caloric expenditure by approximately 20%, compared to normal sitting.

  • Unconscious Movement

    HOVR™ creates intuitive motion which provides many of the health benefits that come from movement, while standing and sit-stand desks provide little or no movement.

  • Improved Circulation

    HOVR™ produces natural physical movement which activates the muscles of the legs aiding in the pumping of blood back to the body. Improved circulation reduces pooling of blood, swelling of the legs, and the risk of blood clots.

  • 'Walking' While Sitting

    HOVR™ produces the closest activity to walking while remaining seated with the added benefit of not being mentally distracting. By allowing for multi-directional leg movements and leg swinging that mimic walking, HOVR may help counteract many of the problems associated with extended sitting.

Why HOVR? Because Sitting is the New Smoking

Unconsciously burn 17% or more calories than normal sitting

Why HOVR and How it Works

Burn Calories. Improve Focus... HOVR is the worlds first active footrest that provides unconscious movement while you sit. Easy to setup and get started.

2 HOVR Models

Attached to Desk or Independent Stand

  • Attached to Desk

    Attaches to the underside of your desk in minutes

  • Independent Stand

    Assemble in just a few minutes and use it wherever you want

The HOVR Activity Tracker & App

Wirelessly syncs with paired smartphone to upload data

  • Your Activity Tracker

    Add this optional activity tracker to your new HOVR and discover how far you travel while sitting. Using the iOS and Android friendly HOVR app, your HOVR + activity tracker allows you to set goals for yourself, see your daily progress, measure distance traveled and how many calories you’ve burned.  With HOVR + activity tracker sitting has never felt so productive.

  • The HOVR App

    The HOVR App will allow you to calculate your heart rate zone for “moderate” as well as “vigorous” activity.

The Evolution of HOVR

5 years in the making...
2011: An Idea is Born

John Godoy wanted to come up with something that would ‘take the guilt out of sitting’ while watching TV or working at a desk. The HOVR started off life as the Eterna Chair. A device that offered a way to work out with natural micro-movements.

2013: The Active Footrest

The footrest went through several iterations in order to become sleeker and more efficient.

2013: Prototyping

The footrest went through several iterations in order to become sleeker and more efficient.

2014: EUREKA!

And then John Harada had an epiphany and decided to try and hang the device. From this point onward the team pursued suspension-based designs. Soon the HOVR we know today started to take shape.

2015: Further Prototyping

The device went through several more design iterations. The team experimented with many different suspension designs, as well as improvements to the HOVR itself.

2016: HOVR Arrives

After 5 long years, countless prototypes, and endless testing, HOVR was unveiled on Indiegogo on April 11th, 2016.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

See what's being said about HOVR™

"I got the Hovr in the mail today and I’m already enjoying it! I’ll probably consider getting one for my mom and one for my sister soon"

“I just got my HOVR set up at work and it is beyond AWESOME!!! Everyone in my office has been trying it out and have FINALLY decided to purchase their own HOVR!!! LOVE IT!!! BEST EVER!!!”

“Just received mine today, put the stand together, and am using it while I type this. Already loving it – perfect for keeping my ankles from getting stiff, plus it’s making me sit up straighter. I’m going to be using this all the time at work!"

“Received my HOVR yesterday and it’s now securely attached to my desk. I’m already noticing a difference in my concentration as well as my posture. Great new addition to my office and well worth the wait! Thanks team for all your hard work and creativity!”

“WOW, Just got my HOVR and we love it (San Diego is not far from Long Beach) (just ordered 2 more). It will take some getting used to, but in a good way!"

"Got my @HOVRpro yesterday and it’s official: I’m a hovr lovr."